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The War on Drugs

By Ramon S. Orosa

THE war on drugs is not due to an exaggerated perception of the problem. In fact, this is the first time the problem has been faced squarely, based on a realistic perception if not understanding of its deep roots among so many of our people.

It is a situation that has been evolving in other countries with very violent consequences. Part of the problem is that the masterminds of this problem don't really care about lives.

So long as there is someone else to corrupt and make an addict they will continue. In the past, I…

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Wheeler-dealer Trump?


UNTIL I read the recent commentary of the eminent William J. Bennet about Donald Trump, I had always cringed at the thought that Filipino politicians were the most undistinguished and seediest in the world, in particular reference to how ravenously they are driven by power and money.

Well, are American politicians just as driven out there in the so-called land of the free? Indeed, no people are free if they are shackled by the power and money of the few!

Bennet, the host of Bill Bennet's Morning in America Show, is one of America's most important, influential, and respected…

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Mar's Difficult Position 

By Ramon S. Orosa

By now, people are probably wondering why Mar is having difficulty finding a running mate. 

While there is no lack of applicants, because most of them want to ride on his coat tails, meaning that they have limited appeal themselves, it is difficult not to think that the principal reason why Mar is biding his time is the realization that for all of PNoy's support, he may well be "technically" a qualified candidate, but his win ability is in significant doubt. Meaning that without under handed tricks in the coming election, his ability to change…

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 Can and Will Duterte Declare Martial Law?

By Linggoy Alcuaz


In his second month in office, President Rodrigo “Digong” Roa Duterte has normalized his relations with the public through the mass media. He quietly lifted his boycott of direct face-to-face relations with the mass media in general. In late June, he stopped holding press conferences and interviews. He limited his communication with the mass media through the official government media.

In the past two weeks he has held several evening and after midnight press conferences. On the evening of Friday, July 29, he announced the cancellation of the unilateral government ceasefire which he announced during his SONA…

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