Selective predispositions

OF course we want all the unlawful killings in our communities stopped, and it was not at all necessary for a demonstration rally to be staged by the Yellows to stress the point at the Edsa Shrine on Sunday, November 5.

The rally, highlighted by a Mass officiated by His Grace, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, deplorably denounced only the alleged extrajudicial killings taking place in the course of the administration's war on illegal drugs, in the process proclaiming as martyrs all the supposed victims thereof.



Yes, it was only proper, indeed, to pray for all those who lost their lives in the anti-illegal drugs war...whether lawfully or unlawfully killed. 

The only trouble is that: Archbishop Villegas and his fellow Yellows did not pray, as expected, for the souls of policemen who likewise died in the line of their duty to protect us from the scourge of drug addiction, not to mention the rawhide of the illegal drug trade that has flourished as a result thereof!

Yes, as of the end of October this year, 86 cops had lost their lives to safeguard us against drugs-related criminality, and yet the Yellows have refused to light a single candle for them, and still continue to parade themselves as the righteous vanguards of human rights!!! Selective human rights??? Just like the Ombudsman's selective justice???

How does one explain this refusal? Hatred for their sacrificing sentinels?! They deny politics as a reason; however, it's obvious they are itching to overthrow the President so that they can return to power.


National healing???

Come to think of it, they have not, not even once, commiserated with the mourning families of those soldiers and policemen who have perished and continue to lose their lives in the war-ravaged city of Marawi...and the hypocrites would now dare to call for national healing!

It's much too obvious that if they praised the uniformed men who died for us, it would be like they were lauding Commander-in-Chief Duterte --- and they wouldn't want to choke to death doing that, would they?

Such hypocrisy...such chutzpah...of those who beseech national healing but actually sow the seeds of disunity in order to relive the mesmerizing days of Edsa and get back on the saddle!!! With a wink, Archbishop Villegas recently told an activist associate: "We shall soon re-capture the glorious days of Edsa...just wait and watch!"


Winks, bad manners and colors

It seems that the boastful Archbishop's wink was not without a similarity to that of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin who had trounced a strongman decades ago. Isn't it evident that the Cardinal's "clone" is attempting to do an adventurous repeat?

Scuttlebutt has it that: having frantically set aside the daang matuwid mantra toward the end of the campaign period of last year's elections, the Yellows have now discarded the color yellow in favor of the multi-color rainbow....for good fortune, it would seem. Well, these guys must be frantic again!

Will someone please inform them that a change of manners, not of colors, is all what it takes to chart for the national good?!


Harry Roque, a good choice

I'm glad, Judy (Cheng), that you consider former Cong. Harry Roque's appointment to be a meritorious one. His selfless service and legal competence in the field of human rights are matters of public knowledge.

Verily, a new presidential spokesman in the person of Communications Secretary Harry Roque is what Rody needs to meet the growing clamor for clarity of PDu30's positions in various human rights issues.

And yes, Judy, Sec. Roque correctly welcomed the emergence of a new activist lawyers' group that has assailed extrajudicial killings alleged to be taking place in the ongoing war on drugs. 

Roque said he hoped the group might help unearth evidence that could overturn the presumption of regularity of acts committed by state agents in the anti-drugs war. Well said!

Incidentally, Judy, you're right in saying that: while our Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is a check on human rights violations committed by government people, there's an obvious reason why it has not functioned as such with respect to said crimes being committed by communist and secessionist renegades...and that is: the incumbent chair and members of the CHR were appointed thereto by former Pres. Noynoy Aquino.



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