Power of Public Opinion


By Jose D. Escartin

The moments a government executive has enjoyed his best effectiveness are those when he mobilizes public support for his policies and programs. A corporate executive would have felt also similar enjoyment when his target customers patronize his company’s product and services.

Given the realities of political and corporate world where a political or corporate leader functions, it is to his interest that he has the means for reaching his publics and rallying their opinion. His effectiveness would substantially depend on his ability to generate public support to promote the interests he represents.

Discovering public opinion is of strategic interest to  the one who occupies executive position in government or in corporate world. He must exert efforts to discover and estimate opinions of his publics. He needs to know what the public/customers want. For a government executive, he needs to know how his policies and programs are implemented and received. He needs to know what his publics are saying at the grassroots level. Likewise, a corporate executive wants to know how his company’s products/services are performing in the market.


Right To Know

The steady enhancement of the “power of public opinion” has placed the role of media in a strategic position. The public can be easily reached and influenced through mass media. Media through which policy/product issues are conceptualized and presented becomes indispensable.

In politics, a media practitioner strives to market his client for favorable image, establish and maintain him as beloved and perhaps idolized by his constituents. Similarly, in corporate world a public relations man creatively packages his client’s company and products for image and market competitiveness. These media practitioners use communication instruments such as print media, radio, TV, etc. not merely to disseminate information but influence public mind, and, consequently, exert socio-economic and political control.

OpinYon Free weekly is one media instrument that can help address  the  needs of both public and corporate executives  and their public relations partners to reach their publics and discover their opinions and sentiments. It has been redesigned and reoriented not only to address such needs but also to provide a platform for articulating interests of all parties and to ensure People’s Rights To Know.