A woman scorned?

"HELL  hath no fury like a --- pretty, if I may add ---woman scorned", probably William Shakespeare's most famous quote, distinctly defines the essence of "womanhood", and the reportedly low-key daughter of socialite Baby Cruz-Vasquez, Patricia Paz "Tish" Cruz-Bautista, is no exception. 

The fury of pretty Tish brought her storming into President Duterte's austere office complaining about her husband's alleged philandering and, with documents, his alleged shortcomings as a niggardly family man who owns an alleged net worth of P 1-B, including P 329-M in multiple bank accounts, half of all of which she vehemently demands as her conjugal share under the law.


Breaking protocol

Nobody dares to break the ethic of not bothering presidents with personal matters, except that: in furious and pretty Trish's case, her husband happens to be --- well, what do you know --- the former chairman of the scandal-prone Presidential Commission on Good Government who is currently the controversial chairman of the equally scandal-prone Commission on Elections: the Honorable Andres "Andy" Bautista, Ateneo graduate, BAR topnotcher and abogado de campanilla!

It is obvious that furious and pretty Trish had planned to use presidential power to bring about Andy's impeachment, but she was curtly rebuffed by PDU30 who correctly told her that her gripes, marital, business and political, were well beyond his jurisdiction, notwithstanding her presentation of documents tending to evidence Andy's alleged high crimes of graft and betrayal of the public trust.


When prosecution may be started

Parenthetically, the mentioned jurisdiction pertains to both chambers of the Congress, acting separately in impeachment proceedings, although this writer wishes to underscore that criminal charges may, on a finding of probable cause, be filed only after removal from office of the impeachment respondent...should such be the case.

Like all philanderers do --- this writer isn't calling Mr. Bautista a philanderer --- Andy has denied furious and pretty Trish's allegations, claiming that his wife is motivated by greed, and that, as for her allegation of marital infidelity, "it was she who started it" --- to which she once retorted in an interview, "Excuse me! I can easily clear myself of marital wrongdoings, but I don't know if he can in his own case!"


Harmful third-eye psychic?

As always, sentimentalists would want Andy and Trish to be reconciled, but after four years of separation, the two appear definitely headed for a permanent separation, if not an annulment of their marriage. 

Their irreconcilability, according to Andy, partly stems from Trish's being an alleged third-eye psychic, which accounts for a disturbing behavior that alienates her from some close friends and relatives...her mother included.

An example, according to Andy, was when she told him "not to worry about the separation's effects on the children, because the universe would take care of them."

Incidentally, Billy (Marquez), Andy's criminal action against Trish will clarify that a marital vinculum (bond) gives the spouses free access to each other's conjugal assets and, with respect to his paraphernal assets, if theft or robbery of the same was committed by his wife.


Unlawfully acquired assets?

Be that as it may, like the headline-hugging stories of the detained Sen. Leila de Lima, this sordid illicit-sex-cum-greed-and-graft scandal between the Bautista spouses stuns Filipinos wide-eyed, who are perhaps very aghast at how corrupt some high-bracket spouses have now become in both their public and private lives.

In the Bautista spouses' marital breakup, everybody gets hurt, namely, the spouses, the only four sons they have, aged 8, 12, 13 and 16, one of whom has stopped schooling, and the sovereign people IF: it can be established later that some of Andy's assets in multiple bank accounts and realties were unlawfully acquired by reason of his authority as chairman of the PGCC and later of the Comelec.


Offense against people

Of course, also hurt may be those candidates who might be shown to have smartmagically lost in the elections held during Andy's Comelec term of office. Needless to state, the biggest hurt would be sustained by the citizenry whose electoral will may be proven to have been thwarted! Indeed, Andy has warned that his wife's lies are undermining the electoral process -- a very grave offense, if I may stress, against the Filipino people.

Well, maybe so, Andy, but an impeachment trial might yet shed light on some lingering mysteries, like Leni Robredo's unexpected win over Bong Bong Marcos, front-running presidential candidate Grace Poe's shocking finish at third place, and presidential bet Mar Roxas' incredible last-ditch jump from kulelat to second place.



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