Argentina’s ‘rotating’ island an alien base?

AN ENTRANCE to an alien base is being suggested as a possible explanation for a mysterious rotating island in swampy land near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Given the name The Eye, the island is described as a circle of land, surrounded by a thin channel of water. The hole in which the island sits - within the surrounding marshland - is about 120 meters in diameter.

Located at the delta of the Parana River, the thin ring of water around the island is said to be clear and cold, in contrast to all the swampy marshes surrounding the hole.

To find…

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Are we all living in a 'conceptual prison'?

OUR BRAINS may actually perceive only a fraction of reality to help ensure the survival of our species.

It might be difficult to imagine experiencing the world around us with a greater degree of perception than what we are accustomed to.

Especially given that we ourselves tend to assume that we already possess the pinnacle of conceptual awareness, yet by looking at some of the other species we share our world with it is possible to get an idea of the limitations that may, and probably do, exist.

The Australian jewel beetle for instance spent millions of years reproducing in…

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 DNA Could Help Recreate a Criminal’s Face

THE FACES of murderers and rapists could be recreated from DNA left at the scene of the crime, according to new research.

Scientists have identified genes that shape the extraordinary variation in the human face.

Many features, such as nose size and face width, stem from specific mutations, say researchers.

Previous studies have suggested they are controlled by genes, but this one is the first to shed light on how variants contribute to the range of different forms we see.

The findings, published in PLOS Genetics, may also help researchers to learn how facial birth defects arise.

And they could…

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The strange device of Putin's new man
Vladimir Putin's newest chief-of-staff, Anton Vaino

MYSTERY shrouds Russian president Vladimir Putin’s newest chief of staff, Anton Vaino. The Estonian-born “high-flyer,” as the BBC has described him, has kept silent about his meteoric rise to being Putin’s right-hand man, save for a stint in the diplomatic service.

But it wasn’t just Vaino’s shadowy past that had caught the attention of international media. It’s the strange device that he has allegedly concocted: an apparatus called the “nooscope.”

In 2012, Vaino published an article at a journal called “Economics and Law” entitled "The capitalisation of the future".

While the contents of the…

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Easter Island not destroyed by war

IT has been long popularly believed that the ancient civilization at Rapa Nui (Easter Island), long famous for its giant statues, was destroyed by warfare.

However, an analysis led by a Binghamton University archaeologist has revealed that what was first thought of as spear points may have just been “general purpose tools” and not weapons.

People have long believed that the island civilization ran out of resources and, as a result, engaged in massive in-fighting, which led to its collapse. Thousands of obsidian, triangular objects found on the surface, known as mata'a, seemed to support this theory. Because of their…

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