Did humans already reach lifespan limit?

HUMANS can only live so long and we're reaching the natural biological limit, researchers say in a report published in Nature.

The paper, published on October 5, says that despite life expectancy being dramatically higher than it was 100 years ago, it's highly unlikely it will continue to rise any more than what it is right now. 

It also says the probability of anyone living for more than 125 years is incredibly unlikely.

The research was carried out by geneticist Jan Vijg at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York with several graduates. They analyzed aging trends…

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Monument for 1963 hoax ‘octopus attack’ up

A CAST-BRONZE monument for the victims of the sinking of a steam ferry recently appeared in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, near other somber memorials to soldiers, sailors and mariners lost at sea or on the battlefield.

There was, however, no such ferry disaster. The artist behind the memorial, Joseph Reginella, made the whole thing up.

The 250 lb monument, which depicts a Staten Island ferry, the Cornelius G Kolff, being dragged under the waves by a giant octopus, is part of a multi-layered hoax that includes a sophisticated website, a documentary, fabricated newspaper articles and glossy…

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Hawking shudders on thought of ET

RENOWNED theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has a word of advice for those seeking and trying to raise contact with extra-terrestrial creatures: don’t.

“When we made contact with any aliens it would probably be like when the Native Americans first met Christopher Columbus. And, in that case, things “didn’t turn out so well” for the people being visited”, Professor Hawking has said.

He made the warning in a film posted online, Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places. It showed him taking a spacecraft across the cosmos, visiting different locations across the universe.

One of those places is Gliese 832c, a planet 16 light…

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Is the Voynich Manuscript a hoax?

FOR years, the Voynich manuscript, first discovered in an Italian monastery in 1912 by Wilfrid Voynich, has baffled scientists and code-crackers. 

The 15th-century manuscript, consisting of 240 pages of calfskin parchment, has gained attention due to its strange, “indechiperable” text, accompanied by illustrations of exotic unidentified plants, naked nymphs and plant-based pharmaceuticals, astrological diagrams, and other material that no one has been able to identify.

However, Gordon Rugg of Keele University in the UK, who has spent more than a decade studying the text, argues that even such apparently natural features would be easy to fake with a few…

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The bizarre plan to drain the Mediterranean Sea
What the European shoreline would look like if the Atlantropa project was pushed through, in this artist's conception. Photo from Wikipedia

AT THEIR closest point, Africa and Europe are just 8.7 miles (14km) apart, yet the Mediterranean Sea prevents the two continents from meeting.

But in 1928, a German architect proposed a plan called Atlantropa, which would involve partially draining the Mediterranean Sea and creating a 'Eurafrican supercontinent'.

While the idea sounds bizarre, it was seriously considered by heads of state, and at one point, even the United Nations.

Herman Sörgel hoped the colossal plan would be an answer to…

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