Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Businessmen are asking if the Department of Trade has been urged to flex its muscle in the solution of the worsening traffic. 

Traffic problem is a space problem. It becomes a problem when demand for space by growing number of cars are not met.

In the case of the Philippines, the auto industry reports sale of hundreds of thousands of units every year. This means geometric increase in demand for space while supply of new lanes of roads comes in trickles.

Thanks to President Duterte and his Build Build Build team, construction of new roads is being rushed at one end and mass transport is being pushed aggressively at the other. 

President Duterte gives hope to the solution of the traffic nightmare. We see some light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

But going back to the DTI, shouldn’t it do something to help decongest our streets? 


Changing of guards at the Bureau of Customs gives shivers to unscrupulous brokers in our premier ports. 

Former BOC headman, Faeldon, failed his bosses on his mission to clean that agency of graft. If reports are to be believed, he succumbed to the hundreds of millions diverted from the government coffers to pockets of the corrupt at the BOC.  

The entry of Lapeña to head the BOC will put to test his record if not his character. It’s not that easy to decline hundreds of millions a month from undervalued importations.

But, yes, the talk in the Binondo area is that President Duterte is determined to clean up corruption in income-generating agencies to make sure his Build Build Build program gets moving. The government is losing billions of pesos a year from this “Tara” system at the BOC. 

The dirty operators at the BOC have every reason to be uneasy if not frightened in President Digong’s determination to make sure the government is not cheated by these very corrupt people. If the anti-drug campaign’s body count is done at the BOC, now there is reason to fear.    


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