Music Can Change Your Mood


Today's fast-paced lifestyle often takes its toll and leads to stress. Are there times when you feel that you simply need a quick-fix to shift your mood into a more relaxed and less anxious state?



Music is one of the quickest ways to put you in a healthier and more positive mood. Try listening to my favorite and most effective 'mood-reboot' music. It is found in YouTube: "Pure Clean Positive Energy Vibration". 

• Sit comfortably. 

• Close your eyes. 

• Take three slow and deep breaths. 

• Listen and focus on the peaceful, soothing and relaxing music.

• Keep breathing slowly and deeply as the music calms you.


Feel refreshed after this powerful energy-boosting reboot for body, mind and spirit.



Here are some effects and health benefits of mood-enhancing relaxation music:

1. Calm your nerves

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Slow down breathing

4. Lower blood pressure

5. Increase ability to focus

6. Improve attention

7. Enhance creativity 

8. Fall asleep more easily

9. Improve quality of sleep



AT WORK: Were there times when you felt that your stress level was making it almost impossible for you to think straight? When you feel the pressure of work getting on your nerves, take a music break. It can alter your mood and give you a fresh start.

AT HOME: When your noisy kids are driving you nuts at home, go to your room. Take a five-minute break. Put your headset on and reboot.



Flute music produces one of the most soothing sounds effective for mood enhancement. It's a great stress-buster. Surprisingly, the flute is so easy to play that children use it in their music subject in schools. The Philippine bamboo flute has even become a gift of choice to bring back home by foreigners and balikbayans. (Facebook: Kingflute Philippines Since 1981)



When you find yourself in an undesirable mood, take a break. Reboot! Remember that music can change your mood. Hay naku!

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