Danger: Are You Lacking Sleep?



Have you had days when you lacked focus - or felt unreasonably grouchy? Perhaps it was because you didn't get enough sleep the night before. Nowadays, it's commonly called the 'low-batt' syndrome. 

If you think that's something to laugh about, go through this simple checklist. You might be in more danger than you think. 

Lack of sleep can lead to:

1. Poor work/school performance 

2. Absent-mindedness

3. Road accidents

4. Skin problems

5. Headaches

6. Irritable mood

7. Lack of sex drive

Do NOT take sleep for granted. Find immediate solutions if neighbors like these are robbing you of your basic right to sleep.

* Loud and boisterous karaoke addicts. (Worse, if they sing out of tune.)

* Ignorant and uncaring condominium dwellers that lack GMRC: Good Manners and Right Conduct. (They drag furniture and fixtures throughout the night.)

* Construction companies that run their equipment despite barangay regulations. (No noise /construction at night.)



Sleep interruption and deprivation are serious matters. Why suffer? File complaints with authorities if your health is at risk. Make sure that city / municipal orders and barangay ordinances are enforced.

It is impossible for you to perform well at work, school or home (and even at sex) when you don't get the right amount of quality sleep.



A good night's rest and deep sleep can improve your body-mind wellness and enhance your quality of life.

• Less stress

• More energy

• Happier mood

• Clearer/smoother skin

• Sharper focus and memory

• Better decision-making

• Increased sex drive



When you feel 'low-batt' from lack of sleep, Body-Mind Wellness Consultant and Clinical Psychologist / Psychpreneur Dino Ubalde's advice is to take all-natural food supplement Imuregen as an easy and convenient way to recharge your immune system and reboot your mental alertness. (www.facebook.com/urmindspot)

Take corrective action. It is your right to be happy and stay healthy in body and mind. Hay naku!


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