Condominium Etiquette Is A Must

“It makes no sense to talk about rights without also talking about responsibilities.” –Randy Pausch

Have you ever met folks who are so combative about their so-called rights but so ignorant about their responsibilities? Here’s an anecdote about condominium lifestyle and the nuisance that arises when nincompoops move into the building – and bring along their undesirable ABC: Attitude, Behavior and Character.



Sensitivity and courtesy towards other dwellers in condominiums are BASIC for harmonious, amicable and cordial co-existence. That should be explained loud and clear by the broker of the new tenant. However, certain thoughtless agents are seemingly just out for a fast buck – without care or concern for other condominium dwellers, particularly Senior Citizens, PWD’s, Pregnant Women and Children.



Let’s take the case of Mr. Dalmasio. Although he managed to rent a unit in a condominium, his true colors are showing. 

• Dragging furniture across the floor at all hours of day and night – Sunday included – he leaves dwellers below his unit in distress from sleep disruption.

• His ‘tribe’ uses the bathroom exhaust fan (common air duct) to get rid of cooking odors. You can just imagine how yucky it is to walk into your bathroom – which used to have the aroma of soap and shampoo – now smelling like your neighbor’s kitchen.



1. Doesn’t he know that he is expected to be considerate of his neighbors: the dwellers above, below, beside and across the unit he resides in?

2. Has he no shame when he behaves like ‘home-along-the-riles’ folks?

3. Didn’t his mother teach him basic courtesy and etiquette?

Apparently, the answer to all three questions is: NO.



Complaints were made to Security. Guess what? Repeated calls and warnings from security guard Delfin to Mr. Dalmasio were disregarded and blatantly disrespected.



To make matters worse, guard Delfin called the complainant to ‘share’ the news that the inconsiderate and impolite new tenant would personally ‘go’ to the complainant’s unit. 

Now, that is a definite No-No. What are security guards paid for, if they allow disruptive dwellers to confront others living in the condominium?



Tenants have their rights, but with those rights come basic responsibilities. Here are some helpful recommendations to bring some decency and ‘urbanidad’ into the community.

1. Jean (the broker) should do her homework and indoctrinate incoming tenants – in a professional manner – about condominium etiquette.

2. Security guards who do not have the ability to do their job competently should find another career.


Let’s live harmoniously by practicing basic condominium etiquette. Hay naku!

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Saturday, 18 January 2020
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