Keep Your Customers Happy


“If you don’t understand people – you don’t understand business.” –Simon Sinek

Peace and quiet – especially during holidays – are the main benefits of condominium living in the Central Business District.



‘Sleep in heavenly peace’ turned into a holiday nightmare as 2016 came to a close. How infuriating to be suddenly jolted awake due to loud pounding noise in the building. Where in heaven’s name could that terrible racket be coming from? 

A call to the predictably ineffective guard in charge identified the root cause: an arrogant maintenance worker who made it clear – in no uncertain terms – that he had no intentions of stopping the noise disturbance he was causing. 

No apology was given for the inconvenience to residents. Ever so thick-faced, even warnings from the Barangay and CBD patrol were brazenly disregarded. More appalling was his shameless declaration that he had every right to raise his voice at anyone who challenged his decision.



The ugly scenario could easily have been avoided if the rude worker had been well-informed and educated about community etiquette in condominium living.

As a Customer Service Trainer, I wish to share practical tips for professionals involved in premises administration. It is really quite simple: keep your customers happy. 

Before going on vacation, write a brief Reminder – Checklist of BASIC DO’s and DON’Ts – especially if you have new workers on your team.

1. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Short and Simple.

2. Go direct to the point.

3. Use simple and clear words that leave NO room for misinterpretation by staff: maintenance workers, janitors, guards and personnel-in-charge while you are away.



Common sense dictates that basic directives apply to all – residents and building staff – to prevent petty bickering and conflict that arise from unacceptable behavior of ill-mannered individuals.

Here is an example of simple and clear instructions regarding repairs, construction and activities that may cause noise disturbance / nuisance.

• BAWAL: Sundays and Holidays

• PWEDE: Weekdays 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


If you are in the premises administration business, ask for feedback from your customers to understand their sentiments. There is absolutely NO acceptable ALIBI for anyone to have a sense of entitlement to disturb the quiet lifestyle in the building, neighborhood and village.

Condominium dwellers have simple BASIC needs and wants: PEACE AND ORDER. Keep the residents happy by making them feel safe, secure, respected and loved 24 x 7. Hay naku!

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