Back To Basics: Learn GMRC

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them.” –Harold J. Smith

 The sign on the sidewalk – highlighted in bright yellow paint – in front of the business district building clearly states: NO PARKING. LOADING / UNLOADING ONLY. What is so difficult to understand about that?



Day in and day out, vehicles habitually block building entrances regardless of the visibly clear instructions. Who are these characters who seem to be exceptions to the rule?

1.       ‘Grab’ and Uber vehicles waiting for their passengers.

2.       Husbands, boyfriends and lovers waiting for their sweethearts.

3.       Courier vans waiting for their messengers to deliver items to clients in the building.



Building frontages are supposed to be clear of obstacles and obstructions.  It is unfair that dwellers and visitors are left with the following three options because ‘special people’ are allowed to block the entrance. You can only get IN or OUT of your vehicle with the following choices:

1.       In the middle of the street

2.       On the pedestrian lane

3.       On top of the hump on the road

All three options pose a ROAD SAFETY problem. It is unsafe to do any of those three things when getting in or out of your car.



Is it the fault of vehicle drivers obstructing the building entrance? Or is it the accountability of front-door staff? There would be no problem if the doorman does his job competently. All he has to do is clearly instruct vehicle drivers to WAIT somewhere else. Simply tell them: DO NOT BLOCK the building entrance.



Security agencies that assign guards as front-door staff should teach them GMRC: Good Manners and Right Conduct. It is absolutely RUDE for front-liners to snarl at building tenants, dwellers and visitors who worry about their personal safety.



Arguing and arrogantly raising their voices in defense of their lapses in function is Unacceptable Behavior. In local language, that misbehavior is called ‘BASTOS’. Is it too much to expect simple courtesy and GMRC?



If you are a front-liner, it is a good idea to learn from your mistakes so you can do better next time. Stop being impolite to people who are the source of your income: your clients.

·         When you hear a complaint, practice GMRC. Be professional and respectfully ask: How may I help you and make things better?

If you stubbornly insist on having bad manners and unacceptable behavior, you might very soon find yourself out of a job. Hay naku!

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Saturday, 18 January 2020
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