Think Before You Act

“Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons – we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.” –Anon

 Quick to act but slow to think. Creatures like this seem to be increasing in leaps and bounds by the day. Has it become a virus of some sort?



All was well in my favorite internet café until a nasty customer suddenly stormed towards the receptionist and shouted: “I’ve been waving at you forever! Why did I have to come to the front desk for assistance?”

Heads turned and all eyes were on the loudmouth. I might have understood if the attack came from a woman having a menopausal moment – but this was a guy in his mid-forties.

The café was full at the time, and the receptionist was swamped with customers checking out. Nevertheless, she pleasantly answered: “Just a while, Sir. Someone will assist you shortly.”

That seemed like a reasonable response. Yet, the oh-so-rude guy shouted even louder this time: “Don’t make me wait!”

All of us customers stopped what we were doing and collectively glared at him. I think he got the message. He toned down and soon left the café. 

If he didn’t stop lambasting the staff, we might have started some form of ‘people power’ and carried him out of the place.



Employees of the café are fun and supportive, but rewarding rude behavior of persons who have an air of self-importance is not part of their services.

Customers and staff had a good laugh as we talked about the guy long after he had gone.



The bad guy had a classic case of ‘quick to act but slow to think' behavior.

I wonder. Did his parents raise him with the belief that he was more important than others?



When you need assistance, follow these steps to get what you want without acting self-entitled.

1.  Look and see if it is humanly possible for others to accommodate you.

2.  Wait for your turn.

3.  Use your charm. You'll be surprised to find out that sometimes it works!


If you have an 'act now, think later' habit, you need help. Call me - before you get into trouble in your personal or work life. I will coach you in Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills.

In plain language, learn how to THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Hay naku!


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