Mar Roxas says voting receipts to safeguard will of the people

Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas on Wednesday said the Supreme Court's order to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to issue voting receipts in the May 9 general elections will safeguard the will of the people.

Roxas said the issuance of receipts to voters would ensure that correct votes are counted by the counting machines.

“It is good that our voters have hard copy of their votes to ensure that the computer is counting the correct and true votes,” Roxas said.

“So, there will be basis for complaint because right now, after you shaded and submitted your vote, you will never…

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Smart commuting

It seems that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has tried all the ideas that they could come up with to solve the traffic problem in the metropolis, but the flow of traffic is still slow most of the time, or at least during the peak hours. I am ready to say that so far, all the solutions that were tried by the MMDA are all visually obvious, but let me hold off on that, because before that, we should begin by knowing what the problem really is. Not that I would want to sound philosophical, but allow me to…

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Smart Housing

As of now, there are no official standards for intelligent buildings in the Philippines.

Years ago, I headed a consultative council that drafted a City Ordinance that approved a set of standards for intelligent buildings in Makati City. As far as I know, no other city followed suit to issue their standards.

I am aware that there are a few buildings in the Philippines that were already built using the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards, but LEED is only good enough as far as “green” is concerned. Obviously, a building that was constructed using LEED standards is…

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Vote-poor areas like Batanes can give ‘swing’ votes

By Hon Sophia Balod

In a faraway province in the northernmost parts of the Philippines, Ryan Cardona is excited for the month of May.

The clear blue skies, pristine waters of the Pacific, and the warm winds from the ocean during this month are all good signs for his business. Ryan works as a tourism officer in Batanes, ushering in visitors from all parts of the country and around the world to visit the ‘Land of the Winds.’

This year, however, Ryan does not only look forward to tourists flocking in during summer. “The coming months are very important.…

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Smart Living

Having a good quality of life is synonymous to having a high standard of living. It is also synonymous to having access to quality public services. In a manner of speaking, it could be said that having a good quality of life is the opposite of having a high poverty rate.

In the Filipino vernacular, “kahirapan” means not just financial poverty; it also means the difficulty of life itself, ergo not having a good quality of life. Pardon the run-around, but the point I want to make is that Information and Communications Technology (ICT), particularly its offspring internet technology, holds…

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