Climate change killed off aliens?

Scientists have spent decades looking for signs of life outside planet Earth, mostly with promising signs but no conclusive evidence.

However, a group of astrobiologists from the Australian National University now suggests that we should not have wasted our time and money looking for extraterrestrial (ET) life-forms.

The reason? Yes, aliens MIGHT have existed – but climate change killed them off quite quickly.

In a paper published recently in the journal Astrobiology, the researchers hypothesize that alien life forms may well have arisen many times in many different places, but were quickly snuffed out when extreme heating or cooling rendered…

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9th planet lurks in outer solar system

For those disappointed by Pluto’s “expulsion” from the solar system, there is another planet may be lurking in the fringes, according to US astronomers.

California Institute of Technology astronomer Mike Brown recently postulated in a paper published on Astronomical Journal the possibility of the existence of a gas planet “10 times larger than Earth” beyond the planet Neptune.

Along with his colleague Konstantin Batygin, Brown used mathematical models and computer simulations to deduce the planet’s existence, but they also have some observational evidence to support their claim. Several small icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt region beyond Neptune have quirks…

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‘Giant robot’ seen by airline passenger?

An unidentified flying object? A camera trick? Or a hoax?

A peculiar picture showing what looks like a ‘huge robot’ apparently walking in the clouds is now making the rounds in social media.

The picture was allegedly taken by Irishman Nick O’Donoghue, a support team manager, who claims to have seen the strange apparition aboard an EasyJet flight to Ireland.

"I was flying back from a work ski trip in Austria, I was on the window seat with two work colleges beside me," he said on a media interview. "They were talking like crazy and I was gazing out the…

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'Britain's Pompeii' found in Bronze Age settlement

British archaeologists recently announced the presence of a perfectly-preserved ‘bronze age village’ in the United Kingdom county of Cambridgeshire, a site now popularly known as “Britain’s Pompeii.”

Like the Roman city of Pompeii – which was perfectly preserved for centuries after the devastating eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in A.D. 79 – the village had been buried into a nearby ancient river after a devastating fire caused the houses to fall into it, according to the team from Historic England and the University of Cambridge.

The site, which was composed of circular houses built on stilts above the river,…

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Robots could outnumber humans by 2040?

Robotic Armageddon – it's a dreadful scenario that experts around the world, from physicist Stephen Hawking to computer billionaire Bill Gates, have repeatedly warned over the years.

With the astonishing speed of developments in the field of technology and computers, artificial intelligence could – and would – one day bring humanity to its knees if we don't control ourselves, according to their scenarios.

The plausibility of a "artilect" (artificial intellect) war is no less more prevalent than in the rate robots are outnumbering humans, a software programmer turned author has recently warned, pointing out that robot population can reach the…

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