King Arthur’s grave a publicity stunt?

For centuries, people have paid homage to the legendary English ruler King Arthur at his supposed resting site, at Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, England.

There, according to tradition, the remains of the king and his queen Guinevere were interred by 12th Century monks, who allegedly discovered their skeletons in an underground tree-trunk.

However, a group of scientists from the University of Reading now believe that the whole legend — and other mystic stories about King Arthur — was just a publicity stunt, concocted by cash-strapped medieval monks.

A team of 31 archaeology experts, led by Prof. Roberta Gilchrist, has recently…

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Ancient burial ground found in Laos

Researchers are a step closer to unraveling one of the great prehistoric puzzles of South East Asia, after discovering an ancient burial ground, including human remains, at the ‘plain of jars’ in central Laos.

The discoveries were made during excavations conducted in February 2016, led by a team of Australian and Lao researchers. They were Dr. Louise Shewan from the Monash Warwick Alliance and Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History and Dr. Dougald O'Reilly from the Australian National University, and Dr. Thonglith Luangkhoth of the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

Their field work was part of a five-year…

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How our ancestors eat raw meat

Raw meat is difficult to chew. And, of course, no one in his right mind would even think of eating raw meat all the time.

So the question is, how did our prehistoric ancestors manage to do it?

Unlike other carnivorous animals such as wolves, which have teeth that can slice through raw meat, human teeth are primarily adapted for chewing and crushing like a mortar and pestle, meaning that we have to cook meat first so that our teeth can break it down when we eat it.

Before the advent of cooking, however, our meat-eating ancestors somehow managed to…

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Neil Harbisson: World’s first cyborg artist

With an antenna-like contraption protruding from his head, British artist Neil Harbisson can easily be an eye-catcher wherever he goes.

What’s more remarkable is his amazing ability to convert sounds into eye-catching works of art – a trait which has earned him the nickname the “world’s first cyborg artist.”

Born in 1982, Harbisson is afflicted with achromatopsia, an extreme kind of color blindness that allows him to see things only in black and white. He grew up in Spain, where he studied music and art at various schools. His early works are all in black and white, and these…

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The Mystery of Exploding Teeth

Yes, toothaches can sometimes be an utterly painful nuisance – to the point that the excruciating pain caused by a single loose tooth can dominate your whole life.

However, that’s nothing that’s nothing compared to what a Pennsylvania dentist encountered during the 19th century – he encountered bizarre cases of teeth exploding after a period of mind-blowing pain.

In 1860, a Pennsylvania dentist named W. H. Atkinson published in the journal Dental Cosmos a series of bizarre cases concerning an outbreak of “exploding teeth.” The first case happened in 1817, when a “Reverend DA” underwent a toothache that bordered on…

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