Gas leak forms ancient underwater Greek ‘ruins’

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COVERED with fronds of billowing algae, the jumble of stone blocks and paving on the sea bed looked like the discovery of a century – a long lost Greek city hidden beneath the waves.

But rather than being the remains of an ancient Hellenic port, a set of 'ruins' discovered off the coast of Zakynthos in Greece, have a more mundane origin – a prehistoric gas leak, as archaeologists have recently concluded.

Discovered just outside Zakynthos’ Alikanas Bay in 2013, the site consists of huge circular columns on top of the seabed, strewn along with large…

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The universe is growing faster than we thought

SCIENCE is not quite sure why, but new calculations show the Universe is expanding faster than expected, possibly the result of something we only suspect exists – dark radiation.

The latest research on star movements found that the universe is expanding between 5 percent and 9 percent faster than early in its life – which could end up in a “Big Rip,” Australian scientists have hypothesized.

"A funny universe just got funnier," says lead Australian researcher and ANU astrophysicist Brad Tucker. "It could be a new force similar to dark energy, or a new particle, or it could be that…

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Human diseases caused extinction of Neanderthals

With the advent of agriculture around 12,000 years ago, humans were suddenly living in dense populations, becoming increasingly sedentary, and interacting with livestock. A far cry from hunter-gatherer life, these were ideal conditions for certain diseases to flourish and spread.

The longstanding view is that many of the major human infectious diseases that exist today arose during that time.

However, a recent study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology now claims that not only were infectious diseases “as old as man,” it was a primary factor that hastened the end of our ancestors the Neanderthals.

The research indicates…

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Could we be living in a computer game?

Everything around us seems real enough, but recently a growing number of scientists have started to wonder whether life is all just an incredibly sophisticated simulation.

Although the debate has been raging for years, Neil deGrasse Tyson recently gathered a group of eminent scientists in an attempt to put the theory to bed — or at least discuss ways to test it.

And the mathematical evidence seemingly points to the fact that our lives could be nothing more than an elaborate computer game-style existence.

Tyson gathered a group of scientists at the New York City's American Museum of Natural History…

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Comets, asteroids paved way to ‘life’ in Mars?

A series of massive comet and asteroid impacts four billion years ago may have left Mars with perfect conditions for life, a new study has found.

“The ancient impacts could have melted subsurface ice on a cold and barren Mars, producing regional hydrothermal systems much like those in Yellowstone National Park that harbor extreme life today. It is believed a series of comets and asteroids as large as West Virginia caused the changes,” said Professor Steve Mojzsis of the University of Colorado.

“The study shows the ancient bombardment of Mars by comets and asteroids would have been greatly beneficial to…

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