Neanderthal bones show signs of cannibalism

OUR nearest ancestors – the Neanderthals – might have practiced cannibalism, archaeologists excavating the Goyet caves in Belgium recently found.

Following radiocarbon testing of human remains found at the Goyet site, scientists from the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen have determined that Neanderthals butchered and used the bones of their peers as tools, according to a university press release.

The team identified 99 "uncertain" bone fragments, dated to be about 40,500 to 45,500 years old, as belonging to Neanderthals, which would make this the greatest trove of Neanderthal remains ever found north of the Alps.

The findings also shed light…

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Was the Big Bang actually a 'Big Bounce'?

THE birth of the universe might not have been as violent as previously thought.

According to a new study, the universe may experience alternating periods of expansion and contraction, moving from one state to another without collapsing upon itself.

This theory – known as the ‘Big Bounce’ – has long been debated, but now, researchers have developed a model to show how such a scenario could be possible, allowing a new universe to ‘spring’ from a previous contracting state.

It’s commonly thought that the current expansion of the universe is a result of the Big Bang, bursting into existence from…

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New research considers 'growing' drones

Can you chemically "grow" a military drone?

It sounds like an idea for a science fiction film, but UK scientists and engineers are spending time and money to see if they can do exactly that.

British warplanes are already flying with parts made from a 3D printer.

Researchers are already using that same technology to build drones.

The military advantage is obvious - building equipment quickly and close to the battlefield - without long waits and long supply chains - gives you an enormous advantage over any enemy.

Chemical reactions

But the latest innovation being developed by Prof Lee Cronin…

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Piece of Buddha’s skull found in China?

A DISCOVERY found hidden inside a 1,000-year-old Chinese chest could help archaeologists reach enlightenment.

Fragments of bone which were uncovered within the gold chest could belong to Buddha, say researchers.

They believe that a chunk of skull, mixed with a collection of remains of Buddhist saints, belonged to Siddhartha Gautama, whose teachings became the foundations of the religion.

A team of archaeologists made the find during excavations at a Buddhist temple in Nanjing China in 2010.

When they opened a stone chest in a crypt underneath the temple, they found an ornate shrine called a stupa, used for meditation.


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Russia Wants Teleportation Device

TO TELEPORT from one place to another has, and still remains, one of the most sought-after technologies since it was first conceived in the writings of our greatest science fiction authors.

Few won’t have gawped at Star Trek’s transporter and while we’ve managed to conquer many of the technologies first outlined in the series this one has evaded us so far.

Well it looks like Russia isn’t going to let that stand any longer.

According to The Telegraph, a multi-trillion pound development program for Russian President Vladimir Putin would include creating a teleportation device in the next 20 years.


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