THE WAY President Donald Trump is managing or mismanaging the affairs of the United States is sending many people especially those who are sticklers for protocols scrambling and scratching their heads.

In less than two weeks, Trump ventured into previously untraveled paths by signing an executive order suspending immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries and threatened to make good on his promise to build a concrete wall along Mexican border.

He also withdrew from the Obama-sponsored Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) economic pact and is now training his guns on North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

NAFTA was formed on January 1, 1994…

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WHILE the Duterte government appears to be doing all it can to effect change and improve the living conditions of majority of Filipinos, some developments however tend to show that there are lots of works to be done and fast.

Over at the economic front, a report that the current value of a peso is now equivalent to only 67 centavos is particularly alarming.

The plunge in peso’s value was the lowest purchasing power of our currency since 2008, which as a consequence according to the Associated Labor Unions (ALU) had a severe effect to the Filipino daily wage earner.…



DESPITE all the allegations and criticisms against him on the contrary, there is no denying that President Rody Duterte is a pro-people leader.

In many of his policy pronouncements, he sees to it that he puts the interests and welfare of ordinary people first ahead of the rich.

Unlike his predecessors who seemed to have worked under the compass of their patrons that were mostly oligarchs and big businesses, Digong sees to it that he answers to no one and that he is his own man.  

It came as no surprise therefore that he is bent on putting a…

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SHORTLY after emerging from a three-hour dinner meeting hosted by President Rodrigo Duterte at Malacanang Palace, businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan came out impressed and described the encounter as a very productive meeting.

The event was reportedly one of the first activities organized by Joey Concepcion, the newly-minted presidential consultant for entrepreneurship, and former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Judging from the impression given by MVP, who heads some of the country’s biggest companies, we could really surmise that the meeting could indeed be productive.

But the question is productive for whom? Was it for their business interests or…

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Digong should just do it

ORDINARY people are still convinced that if President Duterte would have his way, he could have already signed the congressional resolution for the much-delayed P2,000.00 increase in the monthly pensions of Social Security System (SSS) pensioners.

But to the chagrin and dismay of the pensioners, the President is taking his own sweet time before signing the said document that could magically translate an otherwise gloomy mood of the retirees to joy and happiness.

It turned out that the primary reason why Duterte has opted to dilly-dally was because of his economic team’s warning that giving in to the popular…

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