NO PERSON in the history of our nation has elicited more admiration, condemnation, controversy and much division both when alive and even in death than former dictator and President Ferdinand E. Marcos. 

As a young man, he caught the country’s imagination and admiration when he topped the bar examinations even while incarcerated for the alleged killing of a political rival of his father in their province. 

Marcos garnered 92.35 percent in topping the 1939 Philippine Bar Examinations which was quite a feat considering he was in jail and had to review by his lonesome before taking the examinations. 

Aside from topping the bar exams, convinced SC to make favorable ruling for him after writing his own appeal for the crime charged against him. 

Coming out of prison, he was a young man full of ambition and the rest as they say was history. 

He went on to become the president who started on the right path only to end up on the wrong side of history. 

As a despot, he presided in the brutal and dark years of our country before being driven out of Malacanang Palace in 1986 and died while in exile in Hawaii three years later. 

During the years following the Marcoses’ exile, the people’s once heightened sense of patriotism slowly waned as they got disappointed with the succession of leaders that replaced Marcos. 

Before we knew it, the remaining members of the Marcos clan are in power again and his corpse was also back, even as the nation continued to reel in poverty, desperation, corruption, criminality and what have you.

Suddenly, people were longing for a new leader that has the decisiveness and toughness of Marcos which they found in President Rodrigo Duterte who was elected with overwhelming majority in the May elections. 

The catch however was that Duterte idolized Marcos and did not hide his desire to have him buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as requested by the family. 

On Tuesday, the SC had decided and allowed the burial of Marcos in LNMB drawing widespread condemnation especially from the victims of Martial Law. 

The SC has spoken and as Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez succinctly put it, “the rule of law” has prevailed over emotions. 

OpinYon believes that while the decision really hurts the sense and sensibilities of every democratic loving Filipino, as final arbiter we must respect SC’s decision. 

We must allow Marcos’s remains be buried at LNBM so that the nation can finally rest and bury one of the darkest moments of our history. 

After all, a man’s final resting place does not define who he was and what he did when he was alive.