Editorial cartoon by Romy Castro

NO AMOUNT of explanation by Malacanang Palace apologists regarding the now infamous “separation statement” of President Duterte would suffice to completely restore the once almost unbreakable alliance and bond between the Philippines and the United States.

Duterte has drawn the line and might have even already altered forever not only the history of the Philippines and the US but even the world.

Using his vast popularity as a political capital, the President has been introducing never before seen style of leadership that baffle not only his supporters but also his critics.

Unlike his predecessors particularly former President Noynoy Aquino who was viewed by many as a weakling for being all talk but no work leader , Digong is admired by many for backing up his talk with actions.

Admittedly though there are times that he needs to clarify some points on his statements but his unpredictability and refusal to follow established norms and protocols are the qualities that enamor him to the public.

Other world leaders might view him as a nuisance because his style constantly annoys them, but it is evident that Digong knows the game he is playing and was in fact holding his cards close to his chest.

By taking the full weight of USA and her allies because of his unorthodox stand, Duterte could actually be practicing the old art of brinkmanship.

As we all know, brinkmanship is the practice of utilizing an unfavorable situation to obtain a favorable result.

By crushing the old age belief that we are USA’s little brothers and that we need the Americans to survive and be competitive as a nation and as a race, Duterte has just taught us a very important lesson.

That lesson is: to be successful as a nation we must not leave our fate in the hands of other nations lest we fall prey to their abuse and opportunism.      

Just recently, there were reports that international aids are yet to arrive on areas that were badly damaged by super typhoon Lawin.

If Digong was a leader of weak character, he could have been begging already but nothing of that sort happened.

Yes, we might have lost some international supports that could hamper rehabilitation in affected areas, but that should not discourage us but instead must motivate us to stand up as one. 

As a nation, we should support and even credit him for standing up and embracing the winds of change while laying down the roadmap that our country would chart in the future.