Editorial cartoon by Romy Castro

IN MOST of his speeches, President Rodrigo Duterte has been consistent in declaring that he is leaving his fate in the hands of God and would accept whatever is in store for him especially concerning the remaining years on his stint as the country’s leader.

While President Duterte appears to be a fatalist, his statements are not without basis especially since he was fully aware that some quarters are out to topple him among them his perceived political enemies and various criminal groups because of his relentless antidrug campaign.

Aside from them, some outside forces especially those he could have slighted in the course of his anti-criminality campaign might also want to oust him.  

This could also explain why President Duterte has been trying to accomplish so many things in shortest possible time especially in pursuing reforms which he believes are necessary in effecting true and meaningful changes in the country.

It is worth noting that many of the reforms he institutes are those that would have long and lasting effects in the lives and livelihood of the people.

Unlike his predecessor former President Noynoy Aquino who mostly concerned himself in here and now manner of governance, President Duterte is looking beyond with the vision of how to make life better for everyone.

It is not surprising therefore that he signed executive order (EO) No. 5 dubbed "Ambisyon Natin 2040" adopting the 25-year long-term vision of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) to eliminate poverty and hunger in the country.

The EO was necessary as it would be used by NEDA as a virtual roadmap in development planning as it will identify appropriate set of milestones to guide the successive medium-term development plans.

The four medium-term Philippine Development Plans (PDPs) to be crafted would ensure the sustainability and consistency of strategies, policies, programs, and projects across political administrations.

The move would send a message to his detractors that his style of leadership fits only for a city mayor.

With it, he showed that he has the vision and the plan to make the country a prosperous, predominantly middle-class society where everyone has the chance to live a stable and comfortable lifestyle in a very near future.

As it is, President Duterte this early has already left an imprint and a lasting legacy in the country’s future whether he lasts his six year term or not.