Bill against vaping




By Rose de la Cruz


So much has been posted on Facebook and Twitter about the ill effects of vaping and the menace posed by vaporized nicotine and other liquefied chemicals to public health.


Yet the users of vapes openly spew artificially- scented smoke in the streets and parking lots, where foot traffic is high and potential unknowing second-hand and third- hand “smokers” could acquire the diseases caused by vaping.


Rep. Bernadette Herrera of Bagong Henerasyon partylist said the "confirmation of the first case of illness directly-attributable to vaping ascertains vaping as a new public health menace and merits, a forceful set of responses contained in a new bill I have drafted and ready to file early next week.”


She pointed out that, "in recent years, vaping has deviously crept into the lifestyle of modern-day Filipinos, especially among our youth and young professionals. The confirmed case is yet more proof that vaporized nicotine and other liquified chemicals are dangerous to human health."


Herrera, Member of the House Committee on Health also said, "to directly confront this new public health threat, her bill sets the following strong measures:

She said the measures consist of at least four categories:


·      Minimize risks posed by Vapor Products

·      Prohibit the sale of Vapor Products to Minors

·      Monitor potential risks of Vapor Products

·      Protect consumers’ right of equal access to new technology and innovative products.


She said her bill squarely bans vaping flavors, except for tobacco and menthol.


"The fruity and other flavors are there to deceive buyers, especially the young, into liking vaping because of the flavors, so my bill bans these flavors in vaping," Herrera said.


She also said her anti-vaping bill "sets standards and regulations on product design, operation, ingredients, emissions, advertising, promotions, sponsorships, packaging, and labeling."