Nation hails VP’s acceptance of drug czar position




By Rose de la Cruz


The official acceptance by Vice President Leni Robredo of the position as drug czar or overseer of the war against drugs is a stepping--stone towards collaboration between the two highest offices of the land and a possible reunification of the morally and politically fractured Philippine society.


Whatever negativism was attached to the position earlier offered in jest, and out of frustration, to the Vice President for her candid assessment of the failed drug war, should now be put to rest and the nation must unite against a menace that has destroyed families, friendships and the whole society.


Suspicions that the position given to Robredo is a trap that is designed to make her fail—should the agencies involved in the drug war not cooperate with her—should be put on hold and genuine cooperation must be given enough room to prevail.


For the campaign to succeed, all doubts about one or both parties on account of their political persuasion must be hushed for now otherwise each move in the campaign would be belittled or tweaked as insignificant every step of the way.


The President must ensure—through written orders--  that all agencies involved in the drug war will throw their full support to the campaign (and in the process to the one heading it) so that whatever dark maneuverings to do otherwise (to make the drug czar fail) will be quashed and sneered at by the public.


There is no room for division in this war—we must be for it as a nation—otherwise it will destroy whatever little decency is left in us.


There is no longer a doubt that the drug problem is bigger than all of us combined. So the cooperation of each citizen is needed to put it to an end. We must look at every angle—big or small—and spare no one (including the well-oiled machines of the drug lords) from being caught and punished as prescribed by the laws of the land.


The killings of the small drug peddlers (and even innocent poor people) must be stopped, as Robredo said, and those behind the previous killings must be made to suffer for their atrocities and heinous deeds.


We have been a divided for so long and that division became more evident in the past 3.5 years of the Duterte administration. The remaining 2.5 years therefore must be spent in uniting the country against a common malaise—the drug menace and its devastation to our country and people.


It is no longer important if the Vice President would succeed in the campaign in 2.5 years or not. Neither is it important to say that a woman can’t overpower a man in a problem as big as the scourge of drugs. What is more important now is for the country to stand united and succeed in eradicating the problem, once and for all, and show to the world that it can be solved if we all want to.