Bill to ensure protection for teachers




By Rose de la Cruz


With teachers subjected to violence and abuse, including bullying, by both students and overzealous parents, House Bill 9065 (Teachers Protection Act) was introduced, and hopefully to be passed in the remaining days of the 17th Congress, by Binan City Rep. Marlyn Alonte-Naguiat.


More than hazard pay, she says, teachers need protection and protocols when they are victims of assault.


Amid ongoing clamor for substantial hike in public school teachers’ pay, adjustments in hazard pay may not be the only intervention the mentors need given current risks to their personal safety even while on campus or inside their classrooms.


Teachers are vulnerable to assault by violent students, Naguiat said citing cases like “1) in October 2018, a 17- year old student stabbed and killed teacher Mylene Veras-Durante on campus in Pioduran, Albay during an attempted rape; 2) In September 2016, Vilma Cabactulan, a high- school teacher in Cagayan de Oro was fatally stabbed by a 15-year old student during class and 3) in September 2010, a  Grade 8 student in Caloocan City stabbed his teacher Teodora Soner on the road in front of their high school.”


She pointed out the urgent need for institutionalized support mechanisms and protection for public school teachers and personnel regarding student discipline in the classroom.


“Our teachers deserve protection against assault and false abuse accusations made by students and parents.  Walang kalaban-laban ang inosenteng guro.  Patas din dapat ang ating mga batas para hindi naman madungisan ang mabuting record ng guro na sinampahan ng maling paratang,” Alonte said.


“This is the rationale for House Bill 9065 which we supported in the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture. HB 9065 was originally HB 58 of Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro,” she said.


Her bill was approved by the House on June 3, 2019 and was transmitted to the Senate June 6.


She said teachers are “helpless against overzealous, domineering parents who violently or unreasonably raise objections to grades their children receive.”


“If you think bullying only involves students, you are mistaken. There have been situations wherein the teachers are being bullied in class and in social media by students and also by parents,” the congresswoman said.


“These incidents and situations are unreported because teachers and schools want to avoid public scandal,” Alonte added.


Kawawa ang guro lalo na kapag menor de edad ang suspek, she lamented.