Cancer patients find hope in integrative medicine


By Rose de la Cruz


Cancer patients, most of them at stage 4 and what most people consider a terminal stage, have been finding hope in prolonging their lives and bettering their health in a holistic integrative medical clinic right at Cityland Calle Estancion in Makati.


Here they are given advice on how to improve their immune systems so that on their own, they cure themselves without having to buy those costly medicines and going through invasive surgical procedures that do not guarantee an extension of their lives.


Dra. Imelda Edodollon, who owns the clinic, has gone through, and still continues, upgrading her knowledge on protocols that would reverse cancers and other debilitating diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac arrest, kidney stones and fatty liver.


Every Thursday in fact, she is on teleconference with her mentors abroad (all who have taken and practiced the Gerson therapy) which lasts from midnight of Thursday to noon of Friday (since her mentors are based in the United States).


Her clinic is right at the entrance of the building and we can never miss passing it on our way to Opinyon.


She avidly learned integrative medicine, stumbling on it after her father was diagnosed with multiple organ failure (heart, kidney and lung) even after dutifully and religiously taking western (maintenance) medicines. She learned cancer treatment and pain management, regenerative and integrative (such as heavy metal) toxicology from various mentors in America and Australia.


Her clinic uses integrative medicine (a marriage of the conventional and alternative practice) or the fusion of western and Eastern medicine.


Half of her cases are cancer, some are referred to her by doctors in existing hospitals and others by the international community as she also practices integrative medicine in the world, through teleconference and personal consultations and treatments. She sees patients from Bangladesh, Australia, Papua New Guinea, US and New Zealand. In the Philippines, she said, there are just a couple of integrative medical practitioners, unlike cardiologists that are being produced by schools at 3,000 every two years. Here we would be lucky to have 50 integrative medical practitioners.


For the hopeless


Alternative is for the hopeless, out of desperation, she said.


“In integrative medicine I had to unlearn everything and learn anew. That is where I discovered the power of the human body not just the anatomy and physiology but the power of the human body in healing itself,” she explained.


Conventional doctors don’t go into alternative as their training is to prescribe drugs from pharmacy and the drugs are taken more often for a lifetime.

Ironically, she said, the Hippocratic Code states that a doctor’s function is not to prescribe medicines but to educate the masses when not to take medicines. Hippocrates’ rule is first do one no harm and he also said “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Never did he say that the function of the doctor is to prescribe drugs, she said.


A hundred years ago, doctors did not necessarily prescribe drugs but they only started giving it in 1930s when the medical institutions were founded and funded by pharmaceutical companies. She admitted that after passing the medical board on first try in 2009, she used to be prescribing medicine. 


She graduated 2007 in UST and took medicine at UERM. She took the board on first try in 2009 and passed it.


In 2012, her father who diligently took his maintenance medicines for hypertension developed multiple organ failure (heart, lung and kidney) that it was almost impossible for him to live. She narrated that he went into ICU at P100,000 a day until his bill reached millions. His body was swollen even at Grade 3 bipedal edema. All I thought if you are taken to the hospital makakalibre ka, but only PF (professional fee) but the hospital you have to pay. To cut the story short, I paid everything, she said.


In desperation, she researched on alternative methods to reverse her father’s ailments, until she stumbled on integrative medicine and studied it in the United States.


She said her father was her first patient and even constructed the first clinic (at Eastwood) and then when it transferred to its current site at Calle Estacion. The reversal took six months to a year, slowly with the treatments and supplements.


Never ending


Integrative medicine is never ending study. Two years of her learning in the United States. Gerson is in San Diego and Oldon therapy in Nevada, California and New York. Andrew Whale is the father of integrative medicine (conventional and alternative practice. We studied the plants and produced them in evidence-based practice).


My mentors are from the US, the Netherlands and Aruba (where she is soon taking another upgrade).


Last week she had an Australian patient who lived long in Thailand. He came for an upgrade of shots of Prolozone (injection of ozone into the blood stream to flush out toxins).


She does telemedicine where she speaks one on one for two hours with her patients from here or abroad and she charges $300 for two hours plus $50 for 30 minutes extension. But for Filipinos her PF is P1,500.


His heart failure at Grade 4 disappeared but what remained was sakit in their family, asthma, it is incurable but you can prevent the attack.


The clinic was established (first was in Eastwood, assistant medical director since 2013 but it closed down) and she transferred in 2015 in Calle Estacion. Her father manned construction workers who renovated the clinic in the present site. He did yoga the whole month of January. He died at 60. Her mom is 65. She had osteoarthritis but she got prolozone and was treated messiatic calf and carpal for chronic pain.


Love for family


Her practice revolved around her love for family. Her siblings are healthy. Her youngest sister was born with congenital kidneys but she is doing fine now.


She practices Gerson therapy (specific protocol treatment that was developed by Max Gerson, a German) whose daughter, (Charlotte), 94, founded the Gerson Institte and that is where Edodollon studied. It focuses on specific protocol for cancer, migraines and auto immune diseases that will reverse them in three years of treatment. It is one of the top anti- cancer treatment protocols in the world, successfully treated hundreds of thousands, except leukemia. Gerson therapy is completely natural, in fact it was Gerson who introduced and endorsed juicing of carrots.


She admits she has saved a lot of cancer patients from the deathbed. In Japan Gerson therapy is very strong. Hers is a clinic for disease management, not wellness for aesthetic. Feb. 5 is her father’s death anniversary so she will go to Zambales.


Diabetes and hypertension is another leading ailment she treats and prescribes ketogenic diet to reverse their ailments. She also adds chelation therapy and supplements of chromium and to remove insulin (which must only be given to Type 1 not type 2 or the lifestyle- acquired diabetes afflicting 95 percent of her patients. What is needed is lifestyle change.


You need to detoxify.  Integrative medicine kills repetitive business. Conventional medicine wants bumalik ka ng bumalik.


She treats arthritis (gouty, rheumatoid, osteo and juvenile) with prolozone and chelation and others. For uric acid first is diet change.




She does teleconferencing with mentors/practitioners from Canada, Taiwan, US, Spanish, Philippines, Japan, China, Poland, Hungary (every Thursday that’s why no consultations on Friday starting 12 mn to 12 noon). It is conducted by the third generation of Gerson’s kin.














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