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Published: Monday, 29 August 2016
Written by Opinyon

By Rosemarie Señora

“Move elsewhere”. That’s the order by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) to those complaining of the noise and air pollution in the area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

CAAP Deputy Director General Rodante Joya could not be more heartless when he issued this order last March 6, this year, as solution to the rising complaint of pollution in the communities around the NAIA.

Thanks God, this Joya was kicked out by our new President Rody Duterte. Dimwits like Joya do not deserve to stay in public office a minute longer.

“In our country, some people residing beside the airports are constantly complaining about the noise. If they can’t stand it, they should better transfer to a quiet place, far away from the airport,” Joya was quoted, saying.

If this is CAAP official answer to the growing congestion at the NAIA, it is…



Published: Tuesday, 23 August 2016
Written by Opinyon

By Miguel Raymundo

SMUGGLING and corruption go hand in hand.

Smuggling is evil because the government losses hundreds of billions of pesos in revenue yearly thus greatly affecting the delivery of basic services to the people.

When the government losses revenue it is not the one that actually losses but the people especially the poor because in essence what comprises the government is the people.


A study made public by Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) two years ago showed that from 2002 to 2011 or in a span of nine years, the government lost more than P1.33 trillion in revenue due to smuggling through the country’s ports.

The 20-page study noted the forgone revenue came up to P889.5 billion from 2002 to 2008, P119.65 billion in 2009, and P326.76 billion in 2010 and 2011.

The figures were arrived after they found out the…

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Published: Tuesday, 16 August 2016
Written by Opinyon

By Rose de la Cruz

IN April this year, 1.2 million consumers of Maynilad, water concessionaire of the east side of formerly MWSS service area that includes southern cities of Metro Manila, were given over 100 liters per day of dirty, if not poisoned water. Maynilad is a company owned by fund manager Manny V. Pangilinan.

For several days in that month, Maynilad delivered to their over 1 million customers water laced with manganese that can cause permanent neurological disorder.

The lure of great profits is just too hard for rich conglomerates like the Manila Water Services Inc. (Maynilad) of MVP to resist that Maynilad proceeded with investing in the treatment plant that would source water from the heavily-contaminated lake.

Studies after studies projected the lake’s “death” by 2012.

Maynilad put up the Putatan Treatment Plant in 2011 fully aware that the lake’s water quality does not meet global…

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