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Published: Tuesday, 17 November 2015
Written by Miguel Raymundo

In order for people to live, they have to die.

This sounds heroic. No! It’s not a heroic act of one company.

This is what happens when chemical companies’ greed becomes the force behind their quest for industry dominance and financial success.

Unfortunately, the killing and the dying are the effects of the treacherous acts of one company, named Monsanto Chemical Works. Formed more than a century ago in 1901, Monsanto is now considered as the world’s leader in pesticide production and distribution.

Named after the wife of its founder, Monsanto is also the global leader in GMO, the growing business of using genetically-modified organisms to create and propagate genetically modified crops.

Many pro-environment advocates have labeled Monsanto as the world’s top “killer.”

“Monsanto is the world’s most evil corporation,” said E. Hanzai in his writings published by Global Research, dated May 20, 2015. He narrated how millions of…

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Published: Tuesday, 10 November 2015
Written by El Cid Benedicto

There is no stopping a senator’s media acrobatics, bleeding to the last drop the controversy over her citizenship and residency.

The latest of this saga of the country’s only “foundling” senator and presidential bet is Senator Grace Poe’s assertion that she is not withdrawing from the race to Malacañang.

This denial came as response to what she said was an email advisory reaching Senate reporters, saying: “Hindi na ako tatakbo pagkapangulo” (I will no longer run for President).

This “I have withdrawn” email reaching media desks and Senate reporters have all the makings of a “kidnap me” scheme, coming as it did few days ahead of reports that the DNA tests on her supposed parents to establish her natural Filipino parentage proved negative.

To keen political observers, that Poe reacted to an email from a certain Liza Cabigting, an unverified source thus is an AKA, reaching the Senate reporters is…

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Published: Tuesday, 03 November 2015
Written by OpinYon

By Art V. Besana

If the financial crisis in Saudi Arabia as projected by the IMF would persist and hold true, it would be a huge whammy for about one million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families, and to the country’s economy, and a huge challenge to the next Philippine President.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently reported that Saudi Arabia, the world’s leading crude oil producer, could go bankrupt in five years.

This report has created anxieties among Filipinos, as the financial crunch in Saudi Arabia — which according to the IMF was caused by depressed crude oil prices (which is as of September 2015 has plunged to $46 per barrel) and overspending by its government — may retrench up to one million OFWs in that oil-rich country.

Is the Philippines ready for the return of our one million ‘overseas heroes’ who remit billions of dollars every year…

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