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Published: Tuesday, 06 October 2015
Written by OpinYon

By Atty. Salvador S. Panelo

The failed presidencies of the past and the realization that democracy as a working concept is a failure in a country where the great masses of our people are chained in a state of poverty and deprived of education; in a nation enslaved by a colonial mentality resulting from centuries of foreign domination; in a society where those who wield political and economic power are entrenched and take turns in raping the country’s resources, and plundering the people’s money, gave birth to this writer, a decade ago, the idea that a constitutional dictator – one who is given the people’s mandate to rule with an iron hand, to force discipline on the recalcitrant citizenry, to dismantle the exploitative political structures, and to re-structure the oppressive economic conditions, and to sow fear on the corrupt, the criminals and the scoundrels, - is needed to effect a…

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Published: Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Written by Ray Junia

The World Bank recently acclaimed the Philippines’ conditional cash transfer (CCT) program as one of the best working systems that attend to the economic needs of the poorest of society.
This is one of the “largest and best targeted social safety net programs in the world,” the World Bank said.
Uslan Yemstov, World Bank’s leading economist on social protection and labor said the Philippine experience on CCT was “way superior” to previous social programs.
What the World Bank is saying is far off from what critics of the Aquino administration are saying of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps.
Accusations against the CCT or 4Ps range from corruption to politicking. Charges of tens of millions of Pesos unaccounted for, if not lost, by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) have hit the front pages of national dailies in the past.
Opposition parties have also accused Pres. PNoy…

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Published: Tuesday, 22 September 2015
Written by OpinYon

By Leon Santos

Grace Poe is running for President as an independent. At least, that was the impression she gave on her Declaration Night at the UP campus last September 16.
As an independent candidate, however, she is set to get the support of the country’s third biggest political party, would-be Kingmaker Billionaire Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco’s Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC).
Also supporting her, according to reports, is the Nacionalista Party of another Billionaire, former Senator Manny Villar.
These two billionaires who have their own political parties lead a pack of other billionaires reported to be behind Poe’s bid for Malacañang. Most of them stood as godfather to Poe’s announced running mate Senator Chiz Escudero in the latter’s last and second wedding.
The buzz around coffee shops is that Poe can match the campaign chest of the Liberal Party and of Vice President Jejomar Binay. “With the country’s top billionaires supporting…


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